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You've heard the saying, "Success creates success?"

Well, it's a fact of life that you become successful by associating yourself with successful people. 

STAR*Team is a select group of leaders and entrepreneurs within Shaklee. We are focused on the simplest fast-growth business system in the company that will work for everyone, whether they want $100 a month or $100,000 a month or more. Our team was recently recognized as one of the 2 TOP Achiever teams in all of Shaklee.

STAR = Success Through Action and Repetition.. If you're ready to take ACTION... We're YOUR team!

  • Listen to Success Stories on our toll-free success line, 1-866-490-4311.

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  1. Meet your team LIVE online in the STAR*TEAM Webcast ROOM (CLICK HERE) this Monday orMoved... Please visit our new site at
Thursday at 8:45 pm Eastern!

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Feel free to contact me personally. Call my direct-to-the-desk line at

To Your Success,

Zal Fink
Star*Team Administrator